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From website copy, launch strategy, email funnels (& more!) I’ll help you transform your sweat-stained, battle-won, vision-turned reality business into a full-blown attention-getting, sales on auto, marketing machine. 

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I’m Kaitlin. 

Conversion Copywriter & Strategy Consultant

Armed with the belief that you *can* actually leverage your words to make more money, I have one mission. 

To help you banish cookie cutter copy, blot out page fright & craft a brand strategy that connects AND converts. 

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"I have to say, I am so impressed with the potential you see in me." - Michael Scott, The Office

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Oh my goodness! Working with Kaitlin has been so refreshing to my brand and business as a whole.  She took the time to research and get to know me and my business. Every step of the way, she was open to listen to my questions and went above and beyond my expectations. With a whole new copy, I now feel confident that I’m speaking to my ideal client…

Geily Romero, Cutting Edge Financial Solutions

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