Attention-grabbing, money-making words are within reach

You’re tired of second guessing your marketing: Am I doing enough? Is my focus in the right place? Am I targeting the right people?

Imagine being able to hit publish on the *perfect* sales page in just a day. You’d have a major task to check off your to-do list – so you can focus on your true zone of genius.

Because honestly? You just don’t have time for copy that’s “just okay”. You KNOW your words can somehow make you more money…you just need a little guidance to get them there.

It’s time for your words to start pulling their weight (aka: making more sales – can I get a heck yeah?).

Words can make money? I had no idea...

The truth? There was a time when I didn’t even know what copywriting was. (Embarrassing to admit, but true.)

I was a fresh-faced, algorithm confused social media manager struggling  under the weight of audience size, number of likes & ever changing reach/impressions.During a long night of internet research focused on trying to help my clients reach their growth goals without selling their souls, I came across copywriting. 

Finally! A non-gimmicky answer to the connection, growth & SALES my clients were looking for! I lost myself in hours of research. 

I started to implement what I was learning with my social media clients & saw a huge 20% spike in quality engagement. 

Hooked on that conversion copy high, I led clients like Fueza Reis and Simple Switch, to a 57% increase in email funnel sales & 150% growth in ambassador enrollment. (You can BET I giddily called my mom about those results!)

Right then, I knew that every business needed to have a conversion copywriter on their team, no matter their budget. 


custom copy days

Give me a day & I’ll have your marketing words doing double time – growing your bank account AND connecting with customers. 

Plus, you’ll walk away with tailored resources designed to help you write bang-up copy, every time

this sounds like the coffee to my cream!

Here's the deets:

Sales Strategy 1-on-1

Get concentrated feedback, support and guidance for your upcoming launch or promo. 

Plus, get a Custom Strategy Map (based on my own personal launch strategy) so you fast-track your next launch

Who said you need a big budget for your words to make dough?


3-Hour Test Drive

A half-day of on-message, expertly crafted copy to help get the ball rolling (or wrap up) your latest project. 

Including tailored-to-you Plug n’ Play Copy Starters so you can feel confident anytime you hit publish. 

It’s kinda like taking your dream car for a test drive. All the fun, minus the 6-year commitment.


Custom Copy Day

A full day of strategy, planning & done for you copy so you can turn all your back-burner, “someday” projects into a “it’s finally launched!” money-maker. Plus, you’ll walk away with a personalized strategy plan, complete with customizable templates so you can create bang-up copy, every time you write. 

The hardest part? Deciding which project to tackle first! (Pssst…I help with that too!)

How does it work?

the low-down on the go-down

Choose which day option works best for you (you know where to click!)

Once it’s filled out, you’ll receive a welcome guide, packed to the brim with handy info + a link to my calendar so we can you penned in. (yeah, in ink. It’s how I roll.)

Fill out the form with as much detail as possible – it’s your invitation to brag on your company and tell me exactly what you’re looking for.

This is no write & dash situation – be sure to block off about 15 minutes before & after your copy sesh so we can make sure you’re fully briefed on your strategy & progress.

Wait, didn’t you mention extras? Let’s talk about those. 

After your Sales Strategy Sesh, you’ll get an instant customizable download that will show you 2 different paths to help make crafting your promo strategy super simple. 

Unlike test driving a car, your 3-hour copy test drive comes with gifts. When work is wrapped up, I’ll send over 3 tailored & easy formulas designed to tell that blinking cursor who’s boss & help you get high-converting words on the page. 

Want both? Nab your spot for a custom copy day. 

"I have to say, I am so impressed with the potential you see in me." - Michael Scott

Oh my goodness! Working with Kaitlin has been so refreshing to my brand and business as a whole. From day one, she dug deep into my brand, my ideal client, and how to best talk to the them, before any copy was even done! She took the time to research and get to know me and my business. Every step of the way, she was open to listen to my questions and went above and beyond my expectations. With a whole new copy, I now feel confident that I’m speaking to my ideal client, touching on their pain points, and making them say “that’s me!”.
Geily Romero
Cutting Edge Financial Solutions

Sure, you could...

…keep repurposing the same bits of copy over & over. But with nothing new to say, your audience may just start to tune you out. 

…continue to copy what everyone else in your niche is saying (I mean, if they’re saying it, it must be what your audience wants to hear, right?). But, their audience isn’t yours. Swiping a few quips might work for a bit but will it help you break any sales records? Probably not. 

…just outsource your copy to the “good writer” on your team. But high-converting sales copy is more that just pretty prose. You need words that move people, your people, to action. 

*the SC Happiness Guarantee* 

Please note, we only book 18 day rate clients per quarter & spots typical book out 2 – 4 weeks ahead. 

“Here’s the only thing you’re selling, no matter what business you’re in and what you ship: you’re selling your prospects a better version of themselves.”

Joanna Wiebe
“You’re like my copy fairy godmother...I feel like I can’t write anything without you!”
Fueza Reis
Photographer, SEO Expert

The SC Happiness Guarauntee

I believe that every investment you make in your business should move your work forward. That’s why I’m committed to working your words until you’re confident they’ll knock socks off – no writing and dashing here! Just a commitment to high-converting copy strategy for your business, no matter what it takes.

Oh, hey! I'm Kaitlin.

Oh, hey! I'm Kaitlin.

Conversion Copywriter & Strategy Consultant

Armed with the belief that you *can* actually leverage your words to make more money, I have one mission.

To help you banish cookie cutter copy, blot out page fright & craft a brand strategy that connects and converts.